Vanilla Paste


Vanilla Bean Paste Production

Natural Vanilla Store produce vanilla paste to our own proprietary recipe using fresh vanilla pods and vanilla caviar seeds. Its superior taste is liked by our customers across the world. To produce the paste our vanilla extract is combined with pure dried vanilla caviar seeds and slightly thickened to provide a viscosity suitable to suspend the vanilla caviar seeds thought the liquid. It is thickened using a natural method and the ingredients are all natural with no preservatives, no colouring agents and no restricted substances.

Vanilla Bean Paste Uses

The use of real vanilla bean paste can be recognised by not only the exquisite aroma and flavour imparted into the food but also traces of the tiny vanilla caviar seeds are seen as proof that genuine vanilla has been used in the preparation of the dish. Many of our long term commercial customers appreciate not only the flavour and aroma of our paste but also the inclusion of the vanilla caviar seeds that are dispersed throughout. Customers have been using our paste in large quantities for the preparation of ice cream and desserts such as panna cotta, custard, creme brule, cream caramel and cheesecake. Using vanilla bean paste provides a superior method for imparting a superb vanilla flavour, fragrance, texture and aesthetic appearance in many types of foods.

Quality Assurance

Many food products containing our vanilla paste have been produced by our commercial customers around the world. Our commercial customers require assurance that we meet standards of food safety and that our paste is free from harmful substances and organisms and meet international regulatory food requirements. For this reason our quality assurance requires that our Food Safety Program, Product Specifications, Certificate of Analysis and Microbiology are all maintained to international standards.

Ethically Sourced and Organically Cultivated

The vanilla beans used for producing our vanilla paste have been sourced ethically with good market rates paid to the growers. They have also been cultivated organically without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers. Although the vanilla pods used for producing our paste are not officially certified organic, the vanilla pods have been cultivated using organic methods. The rich soils in the vanilla growing regions require no artificial fertilisers and as vanilla orchids have a high level of natural resistance to pests and diseases no chemical sprays are used.

Package Size Options

We stock several package size options for the supply of our vanilla paste from large 10 litre drums to suit our commercial customer needs at bulk discount rates down to 200ml pack for retail customers.

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