Vanilla Bean Paste Recipe

Easy Vanilla Paste Recipe

Vanilla paste is made starting with the exact same method explained in the Easy Vanilla Extract Recipe post except when straining out the vanilla pieces from the fluid do not remove the vanilla seeds. This is achieved by using a sieve with hole sizes around 1mm which will let the tiny vanilla seeds through the sieve. Then using a natural product such as cornstarch, gelatin, psyllium husk or xanthan gum thicken the liquid so that the vanilla seeds are suspended in the fluid rather than sinking to the bottom.

If the thickening product has some lumps through the vanilla paste leave it to sit over night so the lumps can soften and then can more easily be mixed in. Transfer the completed vanilla paste into an air tight container and store at room temperature.

The alcohol content contained in the vanilla paste will ensure it keeps indefinitely. Use 15ml (0.5fl.oz) which is about 3 teaspoons per one litre (33fl.oz) of food.

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